So, when I bumped into my friend and her skin looked AMAZING I had to know what she’d had done. And, to my surprise, she told me it wasn’t injections – it was something called a Collagenwave® or ‘Colly Wave’?! She wouldn’t stop raving about the results and so I had to go and see what all the fuss was about myself.

Luckily, another friend of mine, Nilam Holmes (everybody’s best pal, super facialist and eyebrow queen to the stars) offers the treatment as an alternative to injections. She told me it was a pain free, non-invasive, facial that would actually make me look instantly younger by boosting the collagen in my skin. I was sold before I even sat in the chair.

To begin, Nilam, inserted this really weird looking, giant square metal plate down the back of my top. Next, she squirted cold gel all over my face and neck, and glided and smushed a long round metal probe around for about 40 minutes, which she told me was delivering controlled radiofrequency energy into my skin.

All in all it’s fairly relaxing– compared to Botox anyhow. Sure, it sometimes feels a bit electric-y but I wouldn’t exactly call it pain. Nilam did ramp up the frequency on my jowls, eye bags, neck and forehead and this part did use an ultra-fine teeny needle, but even this part was more than bearable.

So yes, it does fire some electric probes around your face and there is a needle involved, but at least its not stabbing you a million times or drawing blood for collagen stimulation like other recent facial trends. Which is excellent.

The only downfall is that the effects don’t last as long as having Botox or something more invasive. But it definitely does brilliant job at really tightening the skin and targeting all those nasty bits a bog standard facial just isn’t gonna cut. I’m booking in for my second session ASAP.

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