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Lipofirm Pro

TriLipo® with DMA Technology for Fat Reduction, Body Sculpting and Skin Tightening.

Cellulite…the bane of my life….or it was before I discovered Lipofirm!

Sorting through my wardrobe before my holiday last year, I tried on my swimming costumes and very skimpy shorts that only appear abroad-where no relevant person will see me again-I was happy with what I saw from the front…and then I turned and all I see is the one constant thing in my life – Cellulite!

Now, unless I wanted to walk around with my back to the wall the entire holiday, I felt I needed to pull my finger out, throw out the “miracle creams” which quite frankly, the only miraculous thing about them is that I actually paid the extortionate price for them inone that didn’t break the bank.

So, when you want to know anything at all, who do you ask…your best friend Google! After a very brief search, I stumbled across Lipofirm Pro. It’s a absolute fave with the celebs because it actually works.

Lipofirm Pro Prices

1st Area (per treatment) £60
2nd Area (per treatment) £50
3rd Area (per treatment) (must be 3 different areas)  £40
Course of 8 treatments
(1st Area)
Course of 8 treatments
(2nd Area)
Course of 8 treatments
(3rd Area) (must be taken at the same time)

What is Lipofirm Pro and how does it work?

Lipofirm pro is a non-surgical body contouring treatment. Using radiofrequency, it heats the fat cells, which causes them to secrete liquid fat, drastically minimising cellulite. It also uses Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) to stimulate and tone muscles beneath the skin to create an ‘uplift’.

Expect Immediate Results

TriLipo® treatment is designed for:

– Inch loss
– Body sculpting
– Skin tightening
– Cellulite reduction
– Stretch mark improvement
– Facial lifting & sculpting
– Wrinkles and fine line reduction
– Aging skin prevention

Expert Benefits

– Immediate visible results
– Long-term effect
– Pleasant treatment experience
– “Walk-in walk-out” procedure
– Suitable for all skin types
– Clinically proven
– Non Invasive

Before & After Photos


After liaising with my bezzie Google, a while longer, I find a local clinic, Advanced Therapies Skin Care Clinic, and give them a call to book in for a free consultation.

Sarah, the therapist was lovely and put me at ease immediately. She confirmed that we would be undisturbed and nobody else would be entering the room during my treatment time. Imagining I would be somewhat exposed, this had been playing on my mind.

Sarah explained what would happen during the treatment itself, she went through all the contraindications (medical reasons people may not be able to have a treatment), that there is no downtime but advised that drinking plenty of water after each treatment is vital, as well as following a healthy diet, as we all should anyways.

Luckily for me, and as none of the contraindications applied, I was able to have a treatment that same day….gulp!

What does it feel like?

I am a ‘no pain no gain’ kinda gal so for me, this treatment was perfect. It is not what I would call painful but if it is a relaxing, fall to sleep kind of treatment you are after then this is not for you.

It begins with a heated massage, using the Lipofirm machine….this is ok, very relaxing… and then the pulses increase, causing my muscles to spasm. Ooh I’m feeling that. I didn’t know whether to laugh as it was almost ticklish too. It is quite a strong sensation but I liked it, it was like my kind of work out…I’m lying down whilst someone else is doing the work for me. Happy days.

Does it deliver results?

After just the first treatment I could see results. Don’t get me wrong, there was still plenty of cellulite there but I had spent half my life creating this bad boy, it wasn’t going to shift after just one session but the reduction was definitely noticeable.

I instantly booked in for another 3 (so I paid for a course of 4, including the treatment I had just had).

After my third treatment my cellulite reduction was massively visible, Sarah showed me the before and after photos she had taken and I could see and feel it for myself. I am so pleased with the results.

How much does it cost?

After seeing this on This Morning recently, I realised what a great price I got this treatment for. In the capital, they charge around £300 per session. At Advanced Therapies they charge just £60 per 30 minute session, £210 for a course of 4 or £420 for a course of 8.

Worth every single penny because as Sarah said, as long as you eat a healthy diet and lead a relatively active life, the results last forever…I had this done last year and my cellulite is only visible in certain light. Before you could see it from Space!

Treatment Areas

How does it work on the body?

TriLipo treatment uses a triple action mechanism that simultaneously:

1. Releases fat using proven Radio-Frequency energy. The Radio-Frequency heats the fat cells and caused them to secrete liquid fat.

2. Removes the released fat naturally using a patented lymphatic drainage mechanism.

3. Reshapes the skin by applying radio-Frequency energy that causes immediate collagen contraction and long-term collagen rejuvenation.

How does it work on the face?

TriLipo Radio-Frequency energy heats the skin and causes collagen fibers to contract. This contraction results in immediate skin tightening and improved skin

texture. In parallel, the heating triggers fibroblast cells to produce new collagen. This collagen provides the skin with renewed firmness and flexibility.

In addition, TriLipo Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) technology stimulates and tones the muscles beneath the skin, delivering a non-invasive face lifting effect