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Love Plasma

Specifically designed to dramatically enhance looks without cutting, burning or removing excess skin or fat.

Love Plasma is a great substitute for traditional surgical treatments, and an essential addition to your medical, aesthetic or beauty clinic.

What is Love Plasma?

This professional only treatment does not involve a laser or scalpel to remove excess skin – instead it uses the power of plasma to tighten and rejuvenate.

Plasma is formed through ionisation of atmospheric gases to stimulate instant contraction and tightening of the skin. Also known as ‘Fibroblasting” this non-surgical procedure is highly effective in smoothing wrinkles, tightening skin and plumping lines, as well as being an alternative to surgical Blepharoplasty (the plastic surgery operation for correcting the eyelids; hooded eyes and for aesthetically modifying the eye region of the face.)

Treatment Pricing

Eyelift, upper or lower from £200
Mid Facial  £180 – £550
Upper Facial £200 – £850
Lower Facial £200 – £750
Neck £350 – £900
Other  £50 – £2400
Advanced plasma:
Skin tag removal, Millia removal, skin blemishes removal
from £50

How does Love Plasma work?

Love Plasma treatments work on the principle of ionized gas in the air. At the right distance from the skin, oxygen and nitrogen are mixed, and the electrostatic energy produces the plasmatic effusion or arc, which discharges on the skin.

Without actually touching the skin, this plasma arc vaporises the skin forcing it to contract and stimulates fibroblasts – the cells responsible for the production of collagen.

Small carbon crusts form on the skin, resembling dots, which slough away over the coming days to reveal regenerated skin.

This micro trauma and stimulation is the key to the treatments results.

Treatment Areas

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